Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Good News for US is bad news for Libs!

Isn't that a sad commentary on the Democrats of America? That good economic news, good news from Iraq or Afghanistan, or NATO, or any other segment of the world's population is considered BAD news for the dumocraps? How tragic that America's woes should be their rallying points! Deplorable idea, yet true, according to the news media, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, et al, we used to depend upon for "truth".

There is a commenter on the Iraqi blogs who calls him/her self "truth" that makes more sense than any of the media standard bearers, i.e., Rather (NOT), Jennings ((newly America to collect SS$) and Brok(j)aw (The Greatest Generation was not HIS!)Even O'Reilly played patty-cake with Michael Mo(o)r(e)on. [For those who're victims of the public school system, Michael Moron...google it!)

God Bless America.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

Independence Day in Iraq!

What a wonderful news item to wake up to this morning! The handoff in Iraq happened two days early. I heard from a soldier in Iraq today who told me that it was sooooo quiet! The decision to hand off early flumoxed the plans of the evildoers. Wonder what they thought when the President of Iraq called them the infidels? As one Iraq blogger, Alaa, said so eloquently, "And the enemy is desperate, he is striking left and right, beheading, slaughtering, murdering; blind with the rage of the wonded dying beast. And we have seen them, Eguyptians, Syrians, Palestinians, Jordanians, our "Brothers", running amok in our streets, murdering our men, women and children, and for what? What are they trying to achieve? And the whole lot of lying hypocrites, shedding crocodile tears about the "Iraqi People", it is they who should get out and shut up. This is the invasion and occupation that we want to be rid of.

But We Shall Overcome; have no doubt about that. This, more than anything else, I know with every fiber of my being. And praise be to Allah, and thank you America." Courtesy of http://www.messopotamian.blogspot.com/ (The link creator didn't work...sorry to make you copy/paste!)

There is not a more eloquent human being than one who has just been given back his/her freedom after decades of fear and intimidation. Sarmad, Sam, Alaa, AYS, Omar and his brothers, and young Nabil and all the rest of the Iraqi bloggers, God bless you, and thank you for sharing your lives with so many of us worldwide. We have grown to love each of you, and we rely on you to bring us the truth that our own media refuses to share.

The liberal dumycraps would have us believe it was a bad thing to go into Iraq. To hear their talking heads, we lost the war, and now we're losing the peace. The Iraqi people's gratitude should be proof enough that we did the RIGHT THING! But all the lefties know is that good news for the USA is bad news for them! What a sad way to have to live life.

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Stubborn persistence?

I am so amazed at the so-called "popular media" and their dogged insistence on their own agenda. They keep spewing the same old nonsense! They seem spectacularly ignorant of the trend to ignore them by most Americans. We (Americans) have learned to look for truth elsewhere, i.e., the internet, the Iraqi bloggers, The Drudge Report. They (the popular media) doggedly plod on with their liberal agenda, ignoring their own ratings. Most folks learn: when the door keeps closing on our respective snouts (noses for those of you in wingnut territory) that changing direction should be the way to go. Right?

Apparently not. OwlGore (Al Gore, for those in wingnut territory) just keeps blaring his sycophantic rhetoric about GWB's "lies"....without listening to the news from Iraq belying his nonsense! The truth is; there are WMD's being discovered on a daily basis! (And he's on record as saying they were there, to begin with!) Get over your anger, OwlGore! YOU LOST! Just because the national media forgot to mention that they all paid for recounts that proved that point does not make it true! YOU LOST!!!!

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Monday, June 21, 2004

Al Qaeda-Sadaam Connection & the Liberal Media's Coverage

I'll bet you haven't seen this on Dan Blather's show: http://www.upi.com/view.cfm?StoryID=20040620-050700-2315r The connection keeps coming up over and over. Rather-not harps unrelentingly on the Abu Gharaib "scandal", and repeats ala Stalin, about how there were no WMD's found, ignoring the saran & mustard gas, the missles found in scrap piles all over the EU and ME! The public backlash is growing, but his network bosses are mindlessly following his lead. He makes even Brokejaw & Jennings look like they're telling the news! The numbers are going down on his ratings, and yet he choses to ignore it, and continue lambasting the administration. Perhaps he didn't learn from his hero, Slick Willie, who ran his entire presidency on public opinion? Are you hearing any of us who are complaining, Dan Rather?

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Good News from the Left Coast

Happy Father's Day! Visiting my son, who is a great dad, and who lives on the Left Coast, I am heartened by the signs of conservative viewpoints I have witnessed here! All is not lost, the Lefty Loonies and their willing accomplices in the media are losing the battle even here! I expected to be greeted by a bunch of anti-war, anti-Bush wingnuts, but have found quite the opposite! Flags are still at half-mast for former President Reagan, and are as apparent here as in Texas! I truly believe the dumocraps are losing the battle to win the hearts and minds of America! YIPPEE!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Sports Analogy

Congrats, Detroit Pistons! You defeated the media darlings! The Los Angeles Lakers were thoroughly embarrassed by their performance, and utterly defeated by your defense. Kudos. The entire population of San Antonio Spurs fans were praying that you would win. God won the day, again! (hint: He still lives in fly-over country!)

Talk about poetic justice, the Lakers have been touted by the media as the rightful heirs to the NBA Championship throne, even though they've been outclassed and outplayed by the likes of the Spurs and the Pistons....but then the media has not chosen to see lots of things. How like the media.

The Spurs, and the NBA playoffs, are a microcosm of the current world situation, as are the Pistons, the Spurs & the Lakers. There are factions of the media who spotlight the darlings of the left, such as the Lakers, or Madonna, or Michael More-than-the-average sized-human, etc. These media-types will not understand what the truth of the matter is...most of America (Democratic...not dumocrap...America) believe in God, the Creator, and we do not buy into the commonly held belief that America is intrinsically "bad".

For instance, the Spurs team is made up of the most diverse and international components you can possibly imagine; Manu Ginobili, from Spain, Tony Parker from France, Nesterovic, from Russia, Turkoglu, from Turkey (? I think...) et al. Even our star, Tim Duncan, is from Jamaica! None of these players would buy into the ridiculous idea that America is a "bad" place. But to see the after-game performance of the Lakers last night, the "vast right wing conspiracy" is alive and well...they didn't win! And the media has fed that monster for too long! Most Americans are sick and utterly tired of that picture, and will hopefully show up at the polls in November to reiterate that we believe America is a pretty wonderful place to live, and no way wingnuts are going to take it away from us!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Emotionally Moved

I was pleasantly surprised that in realtime, NBC/ABC/CBS actually showed the moving and beautiful panoply of pomp and circumstance, American style, that was the celebration of the life of the person who was the most important president of the 20th century. I didn't watch them, of course, but I did momentarily check in to see if they were actually covering it. Blather, Brokejaw, et al, must be gnawing at their extremities over the truisms that were flowing from the prose of the various speakers...and I don't mean just Cheney, Hastert, and the other inept speaker, I mean the "background" speakers, i.e., those in the hordes of people lining the avenue of Constitution Boulevard (yuck...a french word...Chirac isn't going to the funeral on Friday, even though he's in the USA!) The background speakers who proclaimed "We love you, Nancy", and the applause when her ever-waving hand appeared in the limousine behind the horse-drawn wagon bearing her husband's remains. You always knew where she was in the procession by the applause accorded to her. She is revered because of her tender loving care of this great man over the past 10 years, and her service to our great country.

His own personal riding boots were in the saddle, and the stallion's demeanor were so moving, so poetic, following the caisson. (Not sure it was a stallion, but the behavior of the horse bearing the boots bespoke a stallion, a regal Arabian, I might add. How utterly poetic.)

Watching Nancy Reagan, even my husband was remarking that "you could almost read her mind by the look in her eye". It was like she was telling him, "Ronnie, it's even better than we planned for it to be."

The only ex-president alive who has not file the requisite "plan" for their "state" burial is Slick Willie Clinton. But then, as Rush Limbaugh noted today, how hard could it be to plan a beer bash with babes?

On that note, G'night!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

McCain says we need to sacrifice!

Senator McCain has been on the "sacrifice for America" bandwagon for some time now. Why? Let's look at that for a minute. During WWII, our sacrifice was paid by women who'd never been in the workplace, but instead they were home being parents. Where has that got us, Mr. McCain? Is parenting any better for it?

During Korean War, I do not remember a similar call.

During the Viet Nam war, I do not remember any call for sacrifice, except to sacrifice the honor of our military.

How dare you, Mr. McCain, call for "sacrifice" at a time when our country is losing military personnel? What more sacrifice do we need to give beyond our children? And these are "children" who are standing in line to defend our country. Your pal Skerry Kerry (great friends, from all accounts) is the one who defiled the SACRIFICES that YOU gave!

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Similarities are striking!

As I posted yesterday, I had an epiphany in understanding the hatred of President Bush by the lefty dumocraps. The nearly non-stop coverage of the passing of a great man, former President Ronald Reagan, has pointed out the many similarities between our current President Bush, and Mr. Reagan. Their shared traits of optimism, humbleness, and senses of humor, are readily apparent. Their clarity about right and wrong, good and evil, stand out like a beacon! But most of all, their shared "misunderestimation" by our 4th Estate is amazing! They were/are both called "cowboy" like that was a bad thing. I cannot imagine a more complimentary term than being called a cowboy. Their word is their bond, and a handshake is the same as a set-in-concrete contract. I've known many, and have been related to a few, and admired them.

After Ronald Reagans' stunning win, and successful presidency digging us out from under 70% taxation, and calling the USSR what it should be called, i.e. "EVIL" and predicting, even forcing its fall, the Democrat party learned that they needed to hide the dumocrap wingnuts, and put on the face of "moderation". How are they going to do that with Skerry Kerry as their candidate? Hanoi John is going to be called moderate with any modicum of believability? I had to laugh at a recent endorsement statement in the left-leaning San Antonio Express News (owned by the parent company New York Times). They described Kerry as having "agility". In the world of gymnasts, agility is bendability. Bend? He flops all over the place!

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Now I understand!

For weeks, I've been trying to understand where the hatred of President Bush is coming from....and now I know! He's the 2nd coming of President Reagan! God bless you, Mr. Reagan. We are forever in your debt. God, please open the Gates of Heaven, a great man is on his way!

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Friday, June 04, 2004

A Nation of weenies?

Yesterday I got a letter, make that an e-mail, from a friend who seems to have succombed to the spineless cretins who run today's newsrooms in America. She was lamenting that we had to have boys dying in Iraq. The more I think about it, the angrier and more frustrated I get. That is exactly what our Nation's enemy is hoping we will all do. Forget that we are free BECAUSE we have a military full of people who are trained to break things and kill people so that she can go on her cruise. So I can go to the gulf coast and catch red fish off my bay boat.

When we were children, the military was like a tiny but distinct feeling of safety to us. In our innocent minds, we knew that there were folks who were willing to fight and die so that we could play "ollie, ollie, oxen free" with no worries about people who hated us, and wanted us dead. We knew we were safe.

Then along came that Viet Nam stuff, in came flower power, and admiration for the people who have fought and died to keep us free from the very formation of our nation turned into hatred for them.

Out here in the fly-over country, we understand that there are a group of Muslim extremists who declared war on our country. We understand that the only thing that will stop them is establishing fanatic free democracies in the Middle East. On Memorial Day (that's the day we remember how many folks fought and died so we could have barbecues on 3-day holidays, remember?) several thousand folks met at Jones Square in Houston, TX to celebrate our troops who are willing to die for us. Folks who are away from their families so that they can create a world safe to live in, and so that their wives and mothers aren't raped, forced to wear burkhas, and treated like slaves, as our enemies would do if we don't get rid of them! That didn't rate airtime on any media, because there are folks in the so-called news media who want to convince the troops and the bad guys that we really want to bring the troops home, and not fight a war. Why aren't these bad news nuts on trial for treason? They should be! They are passing their weenie disease to the general public.

Thank You, God, for hanging out with us here in fly-over land. Oh, right. I forgot. They don't want You out there on the left coast, do they?

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