Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Thoughts on Iraq

First and foremost, I am appalled that we've pulled our generals from Iraq to talk to a bunch of Senate fools who refuse to act on the President's energy policy! Want to blame someone for what you're paying at the pump? Try the gutless wonders in the US Senate!!!

Secondly, I just had a brilliant idea for Jeremy Sivits, the newly court-martialed soldier. He was the very first High School graduate in his family, and had hoped to make good in the world, but being in a very negative environment such as Abu Ghraib, he made some very poor choices. He tried to rectify them by pleading guilty, and begging forgiveness, but was cashiered out of the military, and sent to spend a year in prison.

A word to the wise: some enterprising PR person out there might want to contact this young man, and tell him that the presumed Democrat candidate for president of the USA admitted to far worse atrocities than photographing prisoners wearing women's underwear, and posing naked....in fact he admitted (the dumocrap, that is) to participating in wholesale rape, cutting off ears & heads, and other unbelievable atrocities (keyword: unbelievable) that has been laid on my generation, and yet look at where he's at today!!!

Wow! Let's see. What could a savvy PR person do for Sivits do? Well, we could start with a crusade (oops, would that word upset the Islamists?)...ummm, a campaign to undo all of the mental damage that Slick Willie began, i.e., "what 'is' is...." Is oral sex, sex?

Hey, these kids were 10 or so when Slick Will took office, and 18 or so when they joined up. Got a better idea?

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Hey, Peaceniks!

I've got a question for you. You like to shout from the rooftops, from ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC et al, that "we're dying in Iraq...etc." May I please remind you morons of a few simple facts:
1) These folks we're fighting on both the Iraq and Afghanistan fronts are the same folks who killed over 3000 Americans on our OWN SOIL!
2) In one year we have lost less Americans and coalition forces combined than were lost on an average week during WWII. Check it out! Just because there was no media reporting casualties daily does not mean we weren't losing soldiers daily/weekly!
3) What part about fighting extremists who believe we need to regress civilization by 7-8 centuries do you NOT understand?

Having grown complacent in our world of opulence, why would you assume that you/we are exempt from the extremists of Islam? Or have you been so long accustomed to being exempt from reality that you would feel inoculated from the awful consequence of your decadence? Once these extremists have had their way with Iraq, the rest of the Middle East, and the EU, Hollywierd and Nooyawk are next!

Get over yourselves, and get with the real world! If you don't realize it yet, we're all in this together, like it or don't!

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Saturday, May 01, 2004

This entire debacle that our "guards" in the 60 minutes II exposed (and the world was shown in prime time) which portrayed an ugliness every American detests, and would love to NOT have happened, has been decried by most of the Iraqi bloggers that I've read! In all of the infamous and horrific photos, these guardsmen have shown they're a part of the "bottom feeders" in society, the horrid part that is, perhaps, a part of humanity? Yet it is a part we all hope would remain unexpressed.

Isn't it amazing, how our innate openness gets us in trouble, America? But then, we're an open society, and that is what the jihadists hate about us!

Get over your 14th century reality, jihadists. This is today, and it will not tolerate your totalitarian vision of the world.

As for the bureaucrats and unionists of America, we know why teachers are underpaid...it's due to you folks who "decry" underpayment of teachers, dock workers, steel workers, state workers, county workers, utility workers....you "leaders" are making 6 figure salaries while your members in the trenches are making chicken feed in comparison! Capitalism works, when socialists and unions are kept out of the loop! Raising the minimum wage will help teens who don't want to take care of your brats while you party! Work is GOOD FOR YOU!

Ranting is good for me!

// posted by DagneyT @ 6:40 PM

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