Sunday, March 28, 2004

One last post for the day.

It seems like a hundred years ago that I worked for a man by the name of Jack Seymour, at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. Jack was a WWII veteran, and had been a member of Carlson's Raiders during that conflict. What an upright, outstanding human being he was (is, I hope!). When he retired, I asked his wife what we should get him for a retirement present. She said that there was a book which had been published by the Library of Congress (to the best of my recollection...after all, my baby son was just 3 at the time! He turned 30 last year! Forgive me if this is incorrect.) In that book was a picture of he and the rest of Carlson's Raiders.

Long story short, tonight Ollie North had a special on Pappy Boyington, on Fox News...the real one, not the TV version's "Black Sheep Squadron". It told the story of Pappy's true and unvarnished version from the men who had served with him. Perhaps Jack was the real reason that I have to look into the basis of news, not what is generally shown on TV. For instance, I remember him telling me that there were times that Pappy had sent he and his fellows on missions that were simply to bring him Scotch! The drinking kind, that is! Hollywierd had a plethora of heros they could have immortalized, yet this is the one they chose to be their hero? The news media EVEN THEN idolized him! What is wrong with our "journalistic"....dare I say it?....integrity? How long ago was it that the two words were NOT an oxymoron?

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A post script; POST 9/11 News reports: It would appear that the bureaucrats in DC and the JD (Justice Dept. for those of you who cannot figure out how to run a voting machine), and the State Dept. might have gained enough wisdom and insight to have actually begin to call for MORE science, for MORE on-the-ground intelligence, for MORE research into anti-terror weapons...their own fannies are on the line, so it's time to actually STOP being a road block, and PROTECT AMERICA! Are you listening, Legislators? Your buddies in the bureaucracy need your help to pass a few laws for us, or at least NOT to pass them against PROTECTING US! Kerry, your record is your campaign's death knell!

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Welcome Relief

The Players' PGA tournament has offered some welcome relief from the rantings of Kerry blathering about the National Security Advisor (what part of that title do you NOT understand, Kerry?) Dr. Condoleezza Rice's inability to testify UNDER OATH to the 9/11 political hash commission. He just doesn't seem to get it that she has a position requiring uncompromising security.

As for the PGA, I wonder how much Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie, and other golf stars' efforts to get youngsters involved in the game has to do with an oh-so-gradual change in traditionally liberal thinking of the young? Several articles and polls I've seen/heard about lately seem to point to a much more conservative younger generation. More and more students are standing up to their teachers when they're perpetrating lies about what's going on in Iraq, and challenging professors on their radical left anti-American baloney. A game that teaches honesty and rules can't be a bad thing for America! And Tiger Woods Foundation is doing fabulous projects to benefit inner-city kids. Check it out at www.tigerwoods.com to see they type of programs he has going on all over the country. What a wonderful role model he is for young folks! He's an inspiration!

Heading out to the beach for a week, and am going to miss checking all the Iraqi blogs. May have to find some internet access on the Island! Reading them is very inspiring. They show such hopefulness, and a willingness to understand it's going to be a long hard road, but one well worth it.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Kerry Creating Jobs?

When Kerry proposes that he’s going to “create 10 million jobs”, I feel like we should take cover. Here’s a man who has never worked a day in his life, and he’s proposing to “create jobs”. I don’t expect him to realize that creative thought, like that of Bill Gates and Michael Dell create jobs. It is not the business of government to create jobs. Clear roadways, guard the borders and safeguard the populace are the jobs of government. Creating jobs are NOT!

How does he propose to do that? He hasn't mentioned growing the government even larger than it is, but that’s all he can really do to create jobs. We need that like we need proverbial holes in our collective head! Instead he seems to be playing with the numbers in a way that would punish SMALL business, while rewarding large corporations like his wife’s Heinz interests. Though even that will be a wash when he gets rid of Mr. Bush's tax cut!

In Colorado during the 80’s, then Governor Romer wondered what the true statistics in the states largest employers actually consisted of; the phone and bank companies, or small business? He commissioned a panel of experts and community leaders to find out. What they learned was that over 80% of the State of Colorado’s populace was what the Small Business Administration describes as “small business”, i.e., companies under 500 employees. Mr. Kerry, I suspect there are other states whose economic backbone has a similar make-up. How smart would it be to choke out those businesses?

Larry Kudlow looks at the Kerry proposal’s actual numbers ( http://www.townhall.com/columnists/larrykudlow/lk20040327.shtml ). His calculations are bound to be more accurate than any I could make: “The Kerry proposal to roll back the Bush tax cuts would raise the after-tax cost and reduce the post-tax investment return on capital by more than 54.5 percent. Taking out the upper-bracket labor-income component -- which is still investment capital -- the Kerry tax hike would reduce investment incentives by nearly 47 percent and work-effort returns by more that 7.5 percent. A big hit. “

It has always amazed me how these guys in Washington want to tell business owners how to run their businesses when nary a one has ever actually owned one! If I only had this one example of my support for Bush, it’s his MBA, rather than the usual JD that sells him! (For those of you who cannot figure out how to use a voting machine, MBA is a master degree in business, and JD is Juris Doctorate, or “lawyer” in laymen’s terms.) Bush knows the way for the government to create jobs is to stay out of the way of businesses who create them! Give them reasonable restrictions, not knee-jerk environmental regulations that rely on funky science and claims of radical environmentalists! Give them the bulk of their profits to reinvest, and make sure the ones who are not playing by the rules are prosecuted. Enron, Tyco, et al, are paying for 8 years of lax and loose governing, where truth and honesty were put on the back burners of American thought. Kerry would give us back the days of back-room corporate deals, because that's all he knows about business! Check out http://www.boston.com/news/politics/president/articles/2004/02/05/critics_question_candidates_links_to_projects_insurer/ to see how Mr. Kerry does business!

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Friday, March 26, 2004

Two different standards...but they're watching their step!

The nonsense flack that the so-called popular media made about the comment the President made at the annual press dinner about the WMD's having to be somewhere (and they do, btw, even Slick Willie said so...he used them, so where are they?), didn't last long. Could the reason be that Kerry got caught a few years back saying something to the effect that the Secret Service was given permission to miss quail, and hit a "Bush" instead? He thought it was funny! It happened during the first Bush presidency....wish I had the exact quote, but a little digging should find it fairly easily, if it's not on www.drudgereport.com already. And this is an okay thing to say?

President Bush is a man of faith, and a man of honor, and a man I have trusted with my own son's life. He has restored the honor to the White House, and I am sick and tired of these people trying to trash him over minimal CRAP! I stand by my earlier post, they're embarrased by their own guys, so they try to trash ours! Fortunately he's a man of principals, and he's stronger than the allegations against him! I personally cannot think of anything we need more in America today than honor and integrity. We're blessed to have this man as our president!

Use your head, do your own homework, and figure out whose ideas you want in your life. I think, if you're honest, Mr. Bush will hold the correct answers for you and your family.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Typical Bush Hate-speak!

Ahh, you people who hate President Bush are so alike and so ill-informed. It seems that some have never heard of Mansoor Ijaz. Of course, self-illumination is not something which would occur to the run-of-the-mill lib. Rather than waste time on researching who Mansoor Ijaz is, they'd rather ask someone else to do the work for them. And since a simple google search will reap a mere 11,400 hits to reveal his entire life, I'll go in a different direction. (www.google.com for those of you who cannot figure out how to use a voting machine)

I will instead try to figure out why they hate this likeable man, George W. Bush, so much. It's really quite a curiosity. If you ask them, they will not be able to tell you. They just hate him! I've asked many of them, and have yet to find one who could tell me. "I don't know, I just hate him." is the usual answer. Hate is an emotion which causes more damage to the one who feels it. It's been said to cause some forms of cancer and heart disease, folks. You really need to get over Florida, it'll help alot!

Some pundits (more informed on the Middle Eastern mindset than me) have suggested that the reason there are so many Arabs from other countries in the ME attacking us in Iraq, is that they are embarrassed over being so easily taken in by Saddam's bravado, and feel even more embarassed at the ease with which he was defeated! I think this may be the root for the vituperative venom coming from the libs about President Bush. Their titular head, Slick Willie and Shrillary respectively, is/was such a liar. Yet our President's bald faced honesty, even to his occasional tripping over syllables in his speaking, is so refreshingly REAL. They are embarassed by the fact that their leaders trip over the truth!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Could this be the beginning of the end of the War on Terror?

To hear the anger and the fear of the Iraqi bloggers, it could be the end of US! The Israelis have decided that their appeasement campaign for the past 40 years has got them no nearer to peace, so they decided to get rid of the bad guys. The United States government has always "kept them in check", but are a little busy with their own problems right now...seemed like a good time to get the clean up of the bad guys done, while we're pre-occupied with our own war? Seems so.

Let's start with a few items about this person who can no longer help promulgate terror. First of all, he had his own brother killed when he thought he was "helping Jews". He was no more "spiritual" leader than he was able-bodied. He preached hatred, yet never had any religious training, and had a diabolical mind that created nothing but hate and dissention. An American who interviewed/interrogated him while he was in an Israeli prison has said he was the most hate-filled and evil person he'd ever come across!

The problem is the Middle Eastern TV coverage of this crippled old man has always been reverent, and respectful. Never have they told the people of Iraq, on Al Jezeera, or any other news media, that this was an evil and dark mind which was behind sending CHILDREN out with bombs in their backpacks. That is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for the Israelis, in my opinion. A little child was found, a few days ago, to have a bomb in his school bag. He was asked to take it through the security gate, but was not told it was a bomb! They got it before the guy on the Palestinian side could blow it up, and before the little boy was hurt. They got the guy as he was about to detonate the bomb, too. This little guy was just getting on a school bus! As Golda Meir so succinctly put it so many years ago, "Our war with the Palestinians will never stop until Muslim mothers love their children more than they hate Israel." (Forgive me if the wording was not exact, but it was doggone close!)

Now for the problem, as seen by the Iraqis: This will open the floodgate of hate against Americans. HELLO! They've been opened for years! These people have never had any love for us, and have preached hatred about us for years! The Palestinian people are a sad and pathetic people who desire peace, and until a thorough and utter defeat of their betrayers, i.e., Hamas, Arafat, et al, there can never be peace and prosperity for these poor people EVER! Their leaders have taken all the assistance America has sent them for years, and used it to arm their murdering suicide bombers, and fill their own pockets and Swiss bank accounts! Until these types are gone, there can be no peace. Over and over and over again, they have turned down a country for their people. Instead of building an infrastructure of utilities, and allowing for a peaceful atmosphere in which business could thrive, as our tax dollar aid had been given to them to create, they instead continue to kill innocent Israelis every chance they get! I say, "Good for you, Israel. It's about time you did what was best for your country and its citizens, and stopped listening to American and EU liberals! YOU were the ones dying! Not them!"

Killing this evil old man was just the start, and the rest of his ilk will follow. Until the Palestinian people are left to choose their new leaders in peace, and to build a new and prosperous nation, there will never be peace! That will make two ME countries, including Iraq, so take heart, my friends in Iraq. It's not so bad as you think!

It is so sad and disheartening to me to see the anger and upset coming from my fellow bloggers in Iraq, but I understand it. I know how misleading media coverage can be, we suffer from the same malady in America. I also know how virulently hateful their ME television can be against our country. If they had never been up close and personal with our brave and good-hearted service people, they would still think we were all "devils", as they've been told for 30+ years! If they had not had the first taste of freedom in their lives, they would have no hope at all! Fortunately, they do. And they will continue the good fight to attain a country to be proud of, and to flourish in the center of the Middle East. Someday a statue of President George W. Bush will stand in Baghdad, to honor this man they see as their hero.

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Monday, March 22, 2004

A post script on the subject of: Dick Clarke-giving the original- a-bad-name.

Did anyone hear a disclaimer from the shills on 60 minutes last night? You know, the one that tells you that "The parent company of this station owns...."? In this case, the station (CBS), the program (60 Minutes), and the publisher of the guest's book (Simon and Schuster) belong to Viacom? Nope, didn't think so!

Let's look into the past of this man. He's been in the White House during 4 administrations involved in tracking down the terrorists. So, we can give him the credit of having served his country in a thankless public servant-type job. Huzzzah, Dick!

But can we ask a few questions that Lynn "The Lib" Sherer (if I have the spelling wrong, it's due to the fact that I cannot stomach the woman's obvious partisanship any longer, and therefore I don't give a hoot!) neglected to ask him on 60 Lame Minutes last night? (Now why would the blatantly partisan Lynn Sherer (Obviously not surer!) neglect to ask the hard questions? Anyone?)

1) Why, Mr. Clarke, did you reportedly tell an author of another book [which I (blog auther) shall not name, because I've not read it] that Mr. Clinton and his administration dropped the ball on chasing down bin Ladin?

2) What, Mr. Clarke, did you recommend Pres. Clinton do/respond on the 3 different occasions that the Sudanese offered to hand you bin Ladin's head on the proverbial platter?

3) What was your most prevalent concern about the threat Al Quaeda posed to America? Was it cyber-terror? Or was it subterfuge by way of other lethal means? Was it chemical? [only one of the above...Condie Rice demoted him to the "cyber" division of the government...guess which one!]

4) Did you have an axe to grind against Condoleeza Rice that would lead you to make the ridiculous statement that she had no apparent clue about Al Quaeda, or who they are? Could it have been due to the fact that you did not receive her blessings for a job as #2 in Homeland Security Dept.?

5) Is the tone of your book, and its subsequent marketing based on the current top 10 of N. Y. Times's anti-Bush list.

I could go on, but it becomes fairly obvious at this point that Mr. Clarke's sorry excuse for the book is to publish in time to replace the salary he no longer has, in hopes of currying favor with another possible administration in the future with whom he could GET ANOTHER JOB! He knows full well that the efforts he made in previous administrations were futile and meaningless, but maybe his background and experience will give him a shoe-in? God help us...US!

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As Predicted!

Back in 2000, when President Bush took over the White House, he made a decision that would worry me until now...and for good reason! Rather than clean house, personnel-wise, he would decide to transition the Clinton team out, over time. Until Mr. Bush, it has generally been the incoming president's habit to start his staff from scratch; out with the old, in with the new. Mr. Bush decided not to follow that path. There are to this day still some Clinton hold-over staffers in the White House. And now one of them has chosen to stab the President in the back, while he jumps on the "Bash Bush" bandwagon, in search of a best seller.

But along comes a man of honor; Mansoor Ijaz. Perhaps some of you will remember him. He's the one who brokered the deal with Syria to hand Osama bin Ladin over to Clinton, who said essentially, "No, thanks." Mansoor Ijaz is furious at the perfidy of this Richard Clarke person who has written a book accusing the Bush White House of being soft on terrorism. According to Mansoor, Dick Clarke is about as trustworthy to discuss the Bush White House as Dick Clark, the Bandstand DJ, would be expected to know about it! Mr. Ijaz has said that he will be right out in front to hold this man's feet to the fire, and force the truth to come out. In fact, Mansoor has challenged him, this morning on Fox News, to come on ANY TV show, and try to spill this garbage in front of him. I would not be surprised for Mr. Ijaz to ask to testify in front of the 9/11 committee after Mr. Clarke gets done with his version. You go, Mr. Ijaz! Truth will out!

I smell the fine handiwork of behind-the-scenes Slick Willie, the man who made Clarke his "go to guy" on OBL! I still say he's planning to place a pile of do-do in front of Kerry so high that his wife Shrillary will have to rescue JFKerry...stay tuned!

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Why it's DEMOCRAT, NOT DemocratIC

Unlike many blogs, this one is likely to address almost any issue that produces a sense of irritation to me. Call it my blood pressure relief program, if you will. This campaign for President Bush's office is going to rile me right up to election day in November.

Democrat talking points:
The President ("Bush" to them, THE PRESIDENT to me!) is "running away from his record". Huh? Oh, right, the "bad" economy, that one? Let's look at some facts;
a) The same exact unemployment percentage they called "great" when Clinton was in office,
b) The fastest growing economy in 20 years,
c) The highest number of homeownership EVER in our history,
d) The lowest rate of inflation, i.e. NONE!
e) Consistently low interest rates,
f) Less "new claims" for unemployment...but since we've not had a rise in the death toll due to starvation, inspite of the low "job creation" numbers, why haven't you looked, Dems, at the growth of entrepreneurism (self-employment, for you dems who cannot figure out a voting machine!) Oh, right...that would be a POSITIVE!!

Or did you mean his foreign record? That would mean freeing 50 million people in both Afganistan and Iraq doesn't count? Or did you mean the unilateral way he went into Iraq? The other 80+ countries who went too, didn't count? (hint: UNI means ONE)

He changed the tone in DC for the worse, you say? You mean when he instituted legislation that would be normally the types of legislation attributable to Democrats?
a) Loosening Immigration laws,
b) Instituting a national prescription program,
c) Allowing Teddy "the Bloat" Kennedy to write the school bill that threw more money at a broken public school problem, without providing for a voucher system.....blah...blah...blah, et al?

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it, post 11/04! It's all so tiresome, your rhetoric! Do you ever have an idea that doesn't include raising taxes and promoting class warfare? Do you truly believe the American people are as stupid as you treat us? The ranting, raving and vituperative ugliness you fill the airwaves with will only go so far, then it will turn on you! And so will the American people!

In the final analysis, your only problem with Bush is BUSH, and the fact that HE holds the office of President, not you! Judging from the folks who are on your team, and the attitudes of your supporters, you could be called socialistIC, but certainly not Democratic!

[Having been talked "down to" so much by Democrat liberals, it's so fun to talk "down to" them for a change...well, wishful thinking on my part!]

Interesting observations from an American in Iraq

A Fox News contributor, Fred Barnes, has been in Iraq for the past week, and his report today noted some interesting facts I'd not realized. I knew from the many Iraqi blogs that no one expects the transition to be easy, but no one had laid out the challenges the CPA is going to face. Unless Iraq wants to be just another country whose entire economy is based on oil production, there is going to have to be major changes, and that includes changing the hearts and minds of Iraqis who are accustomed to receiving their electricity for free, and their gasoline for next to no cost. Being the provincial American that I am, I had not realized these facts, but I can see why their infrastructure was so worthless! No one is paying for electricity, no one is therefore paying for it's upkeep and expansion!

The hopefulness and cleverness I've seen on the blogs of Iraqis tells me they can make it work, I just hope and pray they get the correct understanding of what it will take. Perhaps it was easier 200 years ago, when our country was formed, i.e., there was no infrastructure to be concerned about...and yet it took our newly found independence many years to emerge into anything resembling a viable country! The desire to be free was the only thing that bound us together 200+ years ago, let's pray the Iraqis want it as bad as we did.

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Saturday, March 20, 2004

What Iraqis think about Bush

I checked out one of my favorite Iraqi's blogs at http://www.messopotamian.blogspot.com/

Alaa, I hope you don't mind, but I had to do this copy/paste, so I could share what you had to say:


I have just listened to President Bush’s speech on CNN. I just couldn’t leave the keyboard without saying something. Because the warmth of the Presidents’ words of friendship and commitment to our people really did make my eyes moisten. Not even the openly hostile report by the CNN reporter could spoil the feeling.

God will be on the side of good men, and it is clear for this middle-aged man who the good men are.

Hail dear El Bush. Thanks to you and all the Coalition men and women. Long may live our alliance and friendship. Victory by the Grace and Help of Allah is assured.


His post brought tears to my eyes! That he can see the value of our President Bush, yet many in our country cannot makes me ill! Especially since I'm related to some of those types!

Now I just have to get him to listen to Fox News instead of CNN! The Communist News Network, as I fondly refer to them, were aware of Saddam's ruthless treatment of his people for years, but chose to keep silent about the atrocities! What else would you expect of them?

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Whew! All the Winter Texans have gone! It's a warm 80 here, and they're headed back to the 30's, but oh well! We have our house again!

Can't help but wonder how much of the population of Spain is coming out of their emotionally induced fog wondering "What were we thinking?" Surely they cannot think that the policy of appeasement, i.e., "you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone" will work do they? If they were wise enough to have kept PM Jose Maria Aznar around for 8 years, they must be wondering what sort of national idiocy would allow them to put a socialist in his place! Talk about polar opposites! Yeeeeeeeeesssssshhhh! Let's see, install gobs of expensive equipment to detect the bad guys, and then tell them we really meant you no harm...that will prevent more of the same? Come ON, People of Spain! Isn't that what the world has been doing for decades? It's just convinced the terrorists that we won't stand and fight, that they can have their way! And one thing they cannot abide is a COWARD! It's like saying, "Hit us again, HARDER.........HARDER........" Remember the old fight song? Aznar should have been straight about who and what hit them, and he should have stood up and said "We have to be made of the same material as the Americans after their 9/11!" Too bad. Too sad. Maybe he knew his people weren't made of the same steel that Americans are made of?

John...John...John...you want to sound credible, but then you go and say something as stupid as "Actually, I voted FOR the eighty-seven billion BEFORE I voted AGAINST it." A nice ski vacation on the slope is definitely what you needed...or was it? Those little kids in the restaurant chanting "GEORGE BUSH, GEORGE BUSH, GEORGE BUSH, GEORGE BUSH," as you walked by probably didn't make you feel particularly hungry, did it? Lost your appetite, did you? What cuss words did you use on them? I'm wondering if that Secret Service guy is going to be as watchful of your fancy A$$ as he was before you cussed him out for his faux pas? hmmmmmmmmmmm? It went something like "I NEVER FALL, THAT S.O.B. ME MADE ME FALL". Talk about arrogant!

There are still die-hard liberals and elderly Roosevelt Democrats in America who have yet to see the light of day, but the drop in viewership of major media news, and the proliferation of cable news alternatives and the internet is breaking the back of the old guard. They no longer have a lock on the hearts and minds of Americans...awwww, isn't that tooo bad? If you want to know what people think, and how we are at risk, then do your homework. READ! EXPLORE!

God Bless you. God Bless us all.

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Monday, March 08, 2004

Going to be away again until the 15th. I'm so tired of listening to discussions between so-called "experts", pundits, and others discussing the fate of Martha Stewart! The poor dear was just thinking that lying is no big deal! After all, her pals Bill and Shrillary got away with it for years!

You know, I'll just bet that by the time they actually have the Democrap convention that the current titular head of the party, i.e., JFK(erry) will have proven he's not a fitting replacement for the first JFK, and Her Shrillariness will have to step in and save the party. Just my gut, but with all of his ranting and raving, there's not been one whit of an idea who to make things "better". And he keeps blithering about jobs to a population with a 5.6% unemployment rate, but he assumes that the American people are too stupid to figure that out for themselves! Ho Hum...sure is a good thing we aren't as stupid as the libs seem to think, our corporation would be going broke for lack of adequate help! (yawn)

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

My, oh my oh....! Just read the following book review exerpts, and had to share it:

"In an essay entitled "We Don't Learn Our History," the author, James McWhorter blames the expansion of welfare for why blacks, despite the legal successes and social and political gains from the Civil Rights Movement, did not take advantage of the newfound opportunities available to them:

"The reason so many black people just sat on their hands and descended into slovenly dependence in the late 1960's was that the expansion of welfare deprived them of any urgent reason to do otherwise … A bureaucracy was created to pay unmarried black mothers to have children and spend their lives on the dole… Expanded welfare encouraged the worst in human nature among those blacks least inclined to resist it. Yet both the public intellectuals and the state-level bureaucrats responsible for this remain unrepentant today. Goodly white guilt teaches them that what they would condemn in their own poorest relatives is "understandable" among blacks. Whitey really done us wrong this time: the expansion of welfare created more black misery than any number of brutal policemen, white thugs yelling "nigger," real estate agents turning black applicants away, or white teachers not calling on black boys in school." (emphasis mine)

Somebody say "Amen!""

This review of McWhorter's book "Authentically Black; Essays for the Black Silent Majority" was done by Dutch Martin, apparently also a black man. The fact that such a book was conceived by and written by a black American, and favorably commented on by another black American, is heartening. The review of the book also says:

"Black leaders in America have an unflinching allegiance to the political left and are part-and-parcel to the Democratic Party. They see no reason to reform existing race-based affirmative action or other preferential policies and programs. They are also out of step with the times.

This is the premise of University of California-Berkeley Professor John McWhorter's new book Authentically Black: Essays for the Black Silent Majority. Picking up where his bestseller Losing the Race leaves off, it is a series of essays that argue (rightly, in my opinion) that the civil rights era is over, and that the new battleground against racism requires individual initiative as opposed to collective action.

McWhorter critically dissects the icons and issues of the black establishment, from Randall Robinson's reparations book The Debt, to Jesse Jackson's lucrative shakedown deals for himself and his wealthy black friends (as reported in investigative journalist Kenneth Timmerman's book Shakedown), to Al Sharpton for perpetuating notions of victimhood."

I've asked myself for years why the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson still rant and rave about the injustices of white America's treatment of black Americans? I grew up near what was referred to as Lil' Watts. In my school in the 60's we had a mix of races and religions, black, white, orientals of all origins, hispanics, Jews, Buddhists, Catholic, Baptist, you name it, we had them! I never witnessed any racism against any minority, so I never understood it. My black, hispanic and oriental friends are just as successful and accomplished as my white friends. Reading the above, I am relieved that these attitudes are coming to the surface, because I've always seen them in my life....but never in the media! The media sometimes makes me feel as though I am living in a parallel universe! The very fact that they give a voice to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson, yet denigrate and disrespect the likes of Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice astounds me! This book gives me hope that the American people know the truth of reality, and are generally not buying the Rather-nots of the world's version.

Can we all sigh a collective sigh of relief that sanity may well be manifested on Election Day in November 2004? siiiiiiiiighhhhhhhh

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Could someone please explain to me how a majority of any given state can vote in a law, and some "activist" judge can justify ignoring that law, and rendering judgement on cases pertaining to that law in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the will of the people? Well Ellen Ratlips Ratner actually did! She actually stated on Fox News that (to paraphrase) judges have to do that, the people are not smart enough to know right and wrong! This is how liberals would run America:

1) We'll make all the decisions for you. You are too busy, or too preoccupied, or too opinionated, or too ignorant, or too religious, or too pious, (and so on.....) to make decisions for yourself.

2) The money you earn would be better spent by us, than by you. We will tax you so that we may spend the money to take care of the poor that we will create by taking your money in taxes.

3) We will tell certain segments of the population, i.e., blacks, immigrants, women, and students in public schools that government should do everything for them. By doing so, it will cripple their desire to succeed at anything and they will continue allowing us to run their lives. And when their situation worsens because we've spent the tax dollars to learn why three year old toddlers fall off their tricycles - and other such fascinating studies for the liberal professors in colleges, we will tell them it is due to greedy rich people and corporations who are destroying the earth and it's creatures.

4) When people stand up for their beliefs such as why it's okay to have a copy of God's Laws in a courthouse, or that we need to amend our constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman, they will say they are bigots or religious fanatics.

5) They will foster a class/color conflict until it results in a culture war (boy, are they doing a great job of that, or what?) Then they will accuse the Republicans of doing it!

Sigh....let's hope other Americans can see what they're doing!

Oh, yeah...almost forgot. Kim Jung Il has endorsed John Kerry for President. Nuff said.

// posted by DagneyT @ 1:33 PM

Friday, March 05, 2004

Wow, I've missed ranting! Guess I've been too relaxed spending a month fishing at the beach. Ahhh, the pleasures of retirement! The rest of the Winter Texans will be returning north soon, and we can get back to normal around here.

Buzzing nonsense going on as usual on the alphabet soup networks, and the Communist News Network. Seems some multi-millionaire widows after 9/11 have a little problem with the President's moving ad spots. So far today, I've heard the nearly identically stated complaints (these Dumocrats really need to be given different scripts, reworded at the very least!) on 4-5 networks. In addition to them, the union boss, who shows up repeatedly beside Kerry on every podium, says the fire fighters have a problem with them. And yet I've heard no less than a half dozen fire fighters, who stand the chance of being reprimanded by their over-paid union bosses, that they thought the spots were inspirational, perfectly appropriate, and necessary to remind the American people that we are still in danger.

Perhaps our president is doing too good a job of protecting us from further terror attacks, because the hints that the terror threat is over-blown by Kerry and cronies is being taken seriously by some of the less thoughtful of our population. They say our memory is short, Americans as a whole...let's hope that the bulk of the voting population agrees with me; these people have been trying to kill Westerners since they hit the Munich Olympics in 1972, and when they boarded a cruise ship and shoved a crippled American off the Achille Lauro in 1985. I could go into a litany of hits by Muslim extremists world wide since then, but they're documented elsewhere. Clinton and company had the chance to slow the ugly process when they were offered Bin Lauden on a silver platter. And Kerry and his buds have been ignoring attacks, placating our enemies, and cutting funding from the CIA, FBI, and our armed services for 30 years. No wonder they hate to be reminded of the kind of leadership we finally have in the White House! God Bless you, Mr. Bush!

// posted by DagneyT @ 10:31 AM

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