Sunday, January 25, 2004

Gosh, been a bit of awhile since I blogged...but winter Texans have invaded us! That's okay, the only news stories I've got to rant about are the rantings of the Democrat candidates, and the Rush Limbaugh lynching. So guess I'll rant on these two subjects:

Democrat candidates: Hey, they rant. I rant. Let's all rant! That's what it's all about, right? Just wish they'd find something logical or reasonable to rant about! Obviously Dr. Dean doesn't READ blogs, just hires folks to run one. Otherwise his rants about how the Iraqi people are not better off would be better informed, right? And the "Hate Bush" rhetoric is prevalent throughout all of their rants. Edward is the only one of them who doesn't seem to rant...but then he doesn't want to make any enemies just yet. Whew, talk about a good reason for TORT reform!

And Rush's lynching in Florida: Wonder if they take offense when he talks down to the Broward County folks about their inability to use voting machines the rest of the country has no problem using? Or could it be due to the likes of Ed Asner, aka Far Left Ranter from HELLywood? I heard this nutcase tell Sean Hannity on live radio (yeah, his voice is fairly recognizable to my generation. We knew him before he was a washed up Santa) tell Sean Hannity "We got your buddy Rush Limbaugh. You're NEXT." Check your fanny, Sean! Have they taken any bites out of it yet?

I'm out of relevant rants for the evening. TTFN!

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

One more rant for the day, since I'll not be able to post for a few:

Here's a challenge for all the lefties in your life. Have them do a little research, through the Library of Congress, Google.com or whatever source you want to go to, and tell me:

a) Which party first pressed for "Equal Rights" legislation? (hint: It was NOT the dumocrats!)

b) Who was it that first set up the welfare state after he was forced into signing the newly passed Equal Rights Act? (hint: It was not JFK, it was the LBJ, who figured if he had to sign legislation he'd fought for years as a senator, at least make them beholdin' to you, and if you tear the family apart, and take away everything but the government, they'll vote you back in, hoping you'll give 'em what you promised! And after 40 years, many are still waiting!)

c) Why is it that most liberal types think that REPUBLICANS are racist? I used to ask myself that same question. Then I realized how long we've been programmed to believe that lie! Rather-not, Jennings-the-new-citizen-so-he-can-receive-his-Social-Security-Check, and Brokejaw have been feeding us this chicken feed for YEARS!

So, while I am gone, I want anyone who visits here to challenge the liberals/dumocrats in their life to learn the truth and do the homework they don't want you to learn in school!

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Have you heard the latest verbal diarrhea coming from former General Wes Clark? "Life does not begin until the mother decides it can." If not a direct quote (memory does not always serve me), it is dadgum close! This moron wants us to believe he would allow "abortion" to happen right up until the day of birth! He cannot possibly believe that is going to resonate with the American public generally speaking, can he? Or is it that he thinks that most women are so utterly stupid that they could not make a rational decision about their pregnancy before the 9th month? The only segment of population this nonsense is going to appeal to is the radically ridiculous 11-12% who believe that Barbra Streisand actually is worth listening to, that Michael Moore is a genius, and Madonna is the picture of motherhood! No wonder we still have troops in Kosovo! And further, no wonder the military leaders who served with him say simply (can't dis a former general, right?) that they don't think they could vote for him.

Are things in the dumocrat party so bad as to have the two front runners turn out to be Dr. Dean and Gen. Clark? Implosion. That's what it is: implosion. It happens in a vacuum!

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I am so upset I am shaking! I just read a plaintive letter on www.healingiraq.com and have copied and pasted it into a letter to President Bush. I can imagine U.S. soldiers might be getting tired of young Arab men shooting at them, but this cannot be happening, and if it is, then the perpetrators need to be ascertained and prosecuted to the full extent of the law! I am too upset to write any more right now. May God have mercy on their souls!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I've been working more on this site, and looking less at many of my favorite blogs like http://iraqthemodel.blogspot.com/. Ali's posting of the return of the Venice of Iraq and his "snapshot" descriptions of what he's seen as his country rebuilds itself has me all teary-eyed! What joy, what wonder our soldiers have seen! They've seen the blooming of a country that will be the envy of the Middle East. No wonder the Syrians, Iranians, and the other Arab states, including Yemen, are sending their thugs to try to stop their progress. Tyrannts everywhere have a reason for concern! These are very intelligent people who are reminiscent of women I've known who've been in battered relationships here in the U.S. It's like they do not know any other way; it's been years of conditioning that has caused them to tolerate the misery. It is even akin to our conditioning to liberal's lack of morality as the norm over the past 30-35 years! They start training us in school, and take it to its limits in every medium they can co-opt! It's time to take off the blinders, America! Take a lesson from these brave folks in Iraq! It's time to take our country back!

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The advance division of soldiers from 101st Airborne are arriving back home today! So many happy faces, so many searching looks from wives, husbands, parents. They're all wondering if any hint of their husbands, wives, child was left inside this new creature who has been honed into a new and matured being. God Bless them, one and all. They are going to need every ounce of patience, love, understanding and wisdom they can muster! Will the spouses still have anything in common? Will the soldiers be able to communicate to their loved ones all they have been through? Will the spouse who has learned to cope alone be able to learn again how to share responsibility? At least this time they are coming home to a rousing welcome from the citizens of the country they've just fought and lost friends for, unlike soldiers from Viet Nam! What a pleasure it is to belong to a country that seems to be coming back to its former self, the Grand Ol' United States of America!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

There they go again! Wanting to throw more money at a broken system! Why is it American high school seniors have had the 2nd or 3rd highest cost in education of all the industrialized nations, yet they come in, nearly in the basement, in academic achievement?

Actually, the answer to that is quite easy. You cannot fix a broken system with money alone. You must first get rid of the chaff, in this case it's the teacher's union. Most of the money going into our school system could be re-allocated to the teachers, if you could get rid of the failed administrations who are more concerned about PC crap than they are in teaching children!

Easy fix-its:

1)Privatize. Give the voucher system a chance, and the parents a choice. And the best part of it is that teachers who LOVE to teach will start amazing schools, make more money that they did with the school system, and they can TEACH without the PC Police looking over their shoulder! Ever wonder why there are so many children being home-schooled? Ever wonder why the states like the Peoples' Republic of California are trying so hard to legislate the home-schoolers out of business? I can guarantee it's not just to keep themselves from looking so bad. It's because they lose control of forming those little maleable brains into their molds, i.e., "God" is bad, "Allah" is okay. I'm not Muslim-bashing, just telling it like it is!

2)Fire the Administrators, and give their salaries to the GOOD teachers!

3)Get rid of "tenure", and replace it with a reliable system of teacher raises; success with kids should dictate that, plus the ability to maintain strict standards of behavior! Tell parents who have a problem recognizing little Jimmy's behavior problems to stop coddling their brats, and let them be disciplined! Someone has to do it.

4)Explain to parents that it is NOT okay to allow their children to run roughshod. Why would they invite the world to mistreat their children for behaving like monsters? I could share some stories about my own sons growing up, and how the very fact that they had been taught to say, "Yes, ma'am" or "Yes, Sir" etc., had folks going out of their way to treat them in an extra-special manner! Now wouldn't you like your children treated well when they are in public?

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Monday, January 05, 2004

Where do I begin!?! I guess it had better be where I was when I was finally annoyed enough to begin this site; listening to one of the dumocrats' spokes-elves explaining how it would be good for the USA to repeal that tax cuts that have sent our economy skyrocketing so that the all-knowing government can insure every American's life with medical insurance! Yep, that got me going!

The very fact that we have to have insurance is ludicrous! If we didn't have insurance companies in the healthcare industry (thank you, blood-sucking lawyers!) we could afford to pay for our own healthcare. The reason we don't have $20.00 office visits is because our doctors have to pay for their OWN insurance to pay-off the blood-suckers who sue them for creating hangnails, etc.!

I thought this might help with lowering my blood pressure...perhaps not?

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